Mental Polaroids is an initiative to spread awareness about mental health and its importance in one's life.

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Where it All Began

We are happy to release our pilot episode “Where It All Began” by Mental Polaroids, featuring our founders Monika Razdan, Bilal Khokhar, and Hema Krishnan with host Antonio Archilla. We hope you'll get an idea of our initiative, mission, and goal for this and upcoming podcast series through this episode. Image Source: Harvard Business Review.

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Who are we?

Mental Polaroids is an initiative dedicated to raising awareness and creating dialogue about mental health issues. Through our media projects, we aim to showcase accurate and relevant information and gather diverse perspectives on the topic of mental health. We seek to create a new conversation and community surrounding mental health and, in the process, form a more interconnected society.

We are currently creating a podcast to share experiences, provide tips on overcoming the obstacles in their lives, and create a space for open conversations about mental health.

Monika Razdan

Marketing & Advertising Manager

Bilal Khokhar

Planning & Logistics Manager

Hema Krishnan

Marketing Strategist

Nik Rokop


Nicole Ditchman


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